The Middle East Reigns Supreme in Australia

The Middle East (

The Middle East (

A short silence, a whispering count, and then a swirling melancholy acoustic guitar lulls the listener into a state of painful reflection. This is the folk inspired sound that is Townsville, Australia’s brilliant new seven piece band The Middle East.

The debut release on Spunk Records Recordings of the Middle East- EP is not a band to be missed for any fans of Fleet Foxes, Sufjan Stevens, and Iron and Wine. The lonely, spaced out guitars of Jordan Ireland and Rohin Jones is pure brilliance. From start to finish, this five track EP shows promise for the emerging Folk-Indie scene.

While the music alone is enough for any fan of quieter sounds is enticing enough, it is the artfully crafted lyrics that raise up skeletons of sorrow left idly in the deepest reaches of one’s mind. The opening track “The Darkest Side” notes, “When I lose I find my identity.” This seems to be the fuel for The Middle East, that there is a great deal of hope found in painful experiences in life.

I recommend The Middle East to anyone and everyone searching for a sound not yet found in music. Though they are just starting up, there is hope yet for 21st century folk. Unfortunately, it seems as if The Middle East is touring extensively in Australia for the time being, but be sure to look out for an American tour in the near future.