The Return of Missy Elliot!


Annalysa Vasquez | Contributor | USDRadio |

Step aside Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea, Missy Elliot is back and ready to show you a lesson or two on how to slay the rap scene. On Thursday, November 12, Missy Elliot released her newest track “WTF (Where They From)” along with an awesome music video that is full of bright colors, creative make-up, and next level choreography.

After becoming a household name with a decade of classic hits like “Get Ur Freak On” and “Lose Control,” Missy Elliot took a step back for another ten years to battle Graves Disease, which affects the thyroid. However, Misdemeanor was seen back in action this year! Ever since Missy Elliot stole the show from Katy Perry during the 2015 Super Bowl half time show, fans have been desperately hoping and praying for new music from the innovative Hip Hop star.

Missy grew famous for her frank, but playful lyrics layered over contagious, thumping bass beats and her quirky voice-a sound that stays largely intact on, “WTF.” The track and music video feature Pharell Williams and showcase several of Missy’s trademarks including audible nods to her past songs for all the nostalgic fans. “Pop that, pop that” is one of her lyrics she raps in one part of the song which is a quick wink to one of her most popular hits, “Pass That Dutch.”

This long-awaited single with its accompanying video is so feverish your headphones might catch fire! The rapper and her dance crew burst out in some insane choreographed moves in various surreal settings, and at one point Missy and Pharell are marionettes in front of a giant speaker. It’s hard to believe Missy Elliott still got the music video game on lock, pushing the envelope forward, but here she is nearly two decades after her initial rise to fame and she hasn’t missed a beat.

This track is definitely one to have on your playlist! Don’t just take my word for it, Check out the music video here and see for yourself: