The Struts with Bleeker at the House of Blues San Diego

Bria Higginbotham
House of Blues San Diego
March 30, 2016

The Struts are a glam rock band from the UK comprised of lead vocalist Luke Spiller, guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliot, and drummer Gethin Davies. The band dominated the stage during what was only their second performance at the House of Blues. Bleeker, the opening band, formerly known as Bleeker Ridge, is an alternative hard rock band from Canada. The band members include vocalist Taylor Perkins, drummer Chris Dimas, and bassist Mike Van Dyk, and guitarists Cole Perkins and Dan Steinke.
Bleeker was not one of those opening acts that seem to drag on and annoy the concert goers who are there for the headliner. Bleeker engaged with the crowd, amply warming them up for The Struts. After their performance, Bleeker gave pictures and CD signings in the Band Merch area.
The Struts made their entrance one by one, concluding with Luke Spiller in his bright red jacket, sparkling top, and leather pants: fitting their opening song, “Roll Up,” where Spiller sings “Whatever I wear, It’s gotta have flare.”
Each member of the band was interactive with the crowd and had some amount of solo play time. During one song Spiller hopped off the stage and into the crowd. He made a competition of cheering and fan participation, at one point Spiller instructed the crowd to get low, all the way down to the ground, and jump on his cue; everyone on the floor participated. There were frequent moments in which Spiller allowed the audience to sing rather than himself and the fans knew every word.
Before their performance of “Only Just a Call Away,” guitarist Adam Slack dedicated the song to his girlfriend for her birthday, which the crowd loved. The second to last song was an acoustic performance of “Black Swan” by Spiller and Slack. The band ended “on a high note,” as Spiller announced, of “Where Did She Go,” with the audience singing the entire song. As they took their final bows, the band threw whatever they could into the crowd; from drumsticks, to guitar picks, to towels; and the audience cheered until long after the band left, followed by a mad stampede toward the Band Merch room.

The Struts reissued their album Everybody Wants March 4. Bleeker released their self-titled Bleeker EP March 25.
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