The Tallest Man on Earth Does Cinco de Mayo

Photo Courtesy Johan Stolpe

With sounds varying greatly from that of the horns and violins of a mariachi band, what better way to spend a Cinco de Mayo in San Diego than at UCSD’s The Loft with the Tallest Man on Earth. A native of the North Pole, Kristian Matsson delivered a thrilling yet mellow show on May 5th, debuting his new Album The Wild Hunt. This album, which was long expected, contains soothing yet powerful songs such as “Burden of Tomorrow,” “The Drying of the Lawns” and “The King of Spain.”

This wasn’t my first time seeing Matsson, as I had the pleasure of watching him perform at the Troubador in Los Angeles last July, and, just as I expected, his passion and serenity that comes out as he plays was still present. He began the show with The Wild Hunt, setting the mood for the night to come.  His Bob Dylan-like, amplified voice separates him from the rest of the folk world and, undoubtedly made his performance as outstanding as it was.

As the show went on, I noticed something peculiar about Matsson that I recognized during his show in Los Angeles. As most performers feed off of the vibe of the crowd and their response to their music, Matsson feeds off of his own passion and personal work. While playing his set, any little noise or distraction sets him off, and everyone could see it in his facial expressions. Matsson wants to hear his music and play it to perfection, and wants everyone listening to hear his unique sound and metaphorical lyrics. The fluid rhythm of his guitar sends you into a trance, as his overpowering voice keeps you locked in from song to song.

The night ended with what I believe to be, his most promising song, “The King of Spain.”  This was a perfect song to end the night, sending the crowd on their respected ways to finish the holiday celebrations. I know that seeing the Tallest Man on Earth will never get old, and I highly recommend everyone to take time off from their busy schedules to relax and unwind to the sounds of this amazingly unique artist.