The Unnamed Alternative Show – Sour Patch To Acid Tongue

Sour Patch To Acid Tongue

2380132526_0945be7878So it has been awhile- I missed a week and that makes me sad.

However, here’s the latest episode. In recent alternative news, I did an interview with Sherwood last week and you can check that stuff out on our site or in The Vista. I guess an article a week has made me a “Staff Writer” for the paper. Coghill’s sweet like that.

I’m interviewing Eisley on Saturday night at the Say Anything show- super stoked on that.

This show is a particularly good one; more rock, more upcoming concerts, and just all out more fun.

  • Oxygen – Living Things
  • Do Better – Say Anything
  • True Faith (New Order Cover) – Anberlin
  • Medicate – AFI
  • Kings and Queens – 30 Seconds to Mars
  • Re-Education Through Labor – Rise Against
  • California – Paper Tongues
  • Youth – White Apple Tree
  • Take Me Home – After Midnight Project
  • All The World Is Mad – Thrice
  • The Thief – The Dear Hunter
  • What You Do To Me – We The Kings

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