“Tonight: Franz Ferdinand” Franz Ferdinand album review by Peter Cho

Franz Ferdinand - Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

Almost four years after their sophomore album, “You Could Have It So Much Better,” Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand released their third album, “Tonight: Franz Ferdinand.”

After releasing two albums within a period of a year and a half, I’m assuming there was a long hiatus where they tried to figure out how to get another song into Guitar Hero (the first being their hit single “Take Me Out”). The album undoubtedly sounds like Franz Ferdinand of days past, but there’s a distinct change in their style. In various interviews, the band has explained that the theme of the album is supposed to resemble a night out. This late-night theme is shared by both the musical style and the album cover, which features a fake crime scene photo.

The album undoubtedly sounds like something you’d hear at a modern speakeasy if alcohol was banned. With a darker, almost sketchier vibe, the album explores some electronic elements while sticking to their original and unmistakable style. The album’s emotions head up and down as the track “What She Came For” almost gets angry near the end before heading into the melancholy yet upbeat “Live Alone.” The track “Dream Again” sounds, well, dreamy. The album plays more like an ongoing story throughout its tracks, with the connection between the tracks being the story itself and not so much the musical style. If you don’t believe me, listen to “Dream Again” and then listen to “Katherine Kiss Me” and tell me if you think they sound like they’re from the same album.

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand” is a valiant third effort by Franz Ferdinand, and it seems like it will bridge the gap to a riskier fourth album in the future. Although it may not achieve the commercial success of their first two albums, it is a great “dance-y” album and one I heartily recommend. I promise it will make you feel like you’re in a shady speakeasy.