Top Ten Videos of 2010- Haley Earl-Lynn & Kristiana Lehn

Staff DJs Haley Earl-Lynn and Kristiana Lehn have collaborated to put together a list of their top ten music videos from 2010. Enjoy!

Baths (Live),

10. Tennis- South Carolina

Yes, there are some breasts, sequins, birds, and dancing women in this video. YouTube flags it as inappropriate for viewers under 18. Luckily we are all mature here. This black and white video with dancing, scantily clad women has an old world feel and so does the tune. Tennis is on the rise and I can’t wait to catch them on their current tour.

9. She and Him- In the Sun

No one can deny- Zooey Deschanel is precious. M. Ward is lucky to have her in his band and Ben Gibbard is lucky to have her as his wife. She and Him’s In the Sun video plays up Zooey’s cute factor. That is why it is tops. I would imagine if Zooey were to stare on Glee it would look something like this video.

8. Health- We Are Water

It must be stated that this video is amazing because it is terrifyingly creepy. Health turned over the creative duty to Eric Wareheim (of Tim and Eric) and he certainly went all out. Given the fact that I shoved this in many of my friend’s faces after first coming across it, I know firsthand that many people have not had the most positive reactions to We Are Water. I take full responsibility for this. I should have allowed these viewers to finish their lunch first.

7. Sebastian Tellier- Look

It’s obvious the dairy-air is an asset both women and men hold in high regard. Men write songs all about this one special body part, so why wouldn’t Sebastian Tellier allow it to take up his entire music video for star track Look. Baby got back!

6. The Growlers- People Don’t Change (Blues)

Jack Coleman’s film skills are top notch. In his video for People Don’t Change everything great about living at the beach in California and being young come together. This video was filmed in Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz while Coleman was hanging out with the band from Long Beach. I have only been away from my beachy home of San Diego for a few weeks and watching this video takes me right back.

5. CocoRosie-Lemonade

While I am a bigger fan of CocoRosie’s 2004 album, La Maison de Mon Rêve, their 2010 album has grown on me over the year. It is strikingly somber; maybe that is why it takes longer to appreciate. Regardless, the video for Lemonade, the most popular track on 2010’s Grey Ocean album, is noteworthy. As a girl I struggle to grow a beard, and frankly, even if I was capable of growing one, I would feel quite self conscious. Lemonade features an array of bearded-women. How can I argue against singing women with such nice beards?

4. Toro y Moi- Blessa

Blessa illustrates the feelings one might feel when one has reached the perfect stage of, let’s just say feeling good: everything glossy and soft around the edges; everything a little bit more beautiful and of course beer flowing out of measuring cups. I would love to be at the Blessa party and that’s what makes this video so great.

3. El Guincho- Bombay

El Guincho, or Pablo Diaz-Riexa, creates electronic beats by blending elements of African and Latin music. His 2010 album, Pop Negro, sounds much like his first album, Alegranza; however, Alegranza was missing a music video equivalent to this year’s Bombay video. El Guincho’s video is a strange array of mostly sexual, violent, or straight up bizarre clips. All are intriguing and perplexing. While one girl licks a tree branch another smashes eggs on her face and one man shoots a stuffed panda. This video pleases many senses and is worth a watch.

2. The Hundred in the Hands- Pigeons

Sometimes you just feel stifled. It has happened to me before at parties and social things; however, I have NEVER gone out to get air and projectile vomited fire. I wish I could acquire this trait only because of how glamorized it is in The Hundred in the Hands’ Pigeons video. Not only is projectile vomiting glamorized, but also the complete loss of balance. The Hundred in the Hands just hit the music scene this year after getting signed to Warp Records and I am definitely a fan. Glamorizing two traditionally embarrassing side effects of drinking definitely helped.

1. Baths- Lovely Bloodflow

Kristiana Lehn put it best when she explained Bath’s Lovely Bloodflow as the closest thing to a religious experience she has ever had. There is simplicity and oddity wrapped up in the same video here with Lovely Bloodflow. It is harmlessly creepy and comforting at the same time.

Honorable Mention:

Die Antwood-Evil Boy

Caribou- Odessa

Flying Lotus- Kill Your Co Workers