Torero spotlight: 3V Movement

Freshman student starts nonprofit for encouraging anti-bullying


Freshman Alexander Bulkin has big plans to leave an impact on University of San Diego and bring change to this campus. In 2010, Bulkin, his brother and a long-time friend, created The 3V Movement, a nonprofit organization concentrated on making bullying socially unacceptable. Originally based on high school campuses, the movement is now being brought to USD.

The 3V Movement has three simple components: vigilance, valor and victory. The movement starts with vigilance, the ability to see bullying occur. Then comes valor, the bravery to stand up against the situation and ultimately achieve the third component, victory. With these components, the organization aimed to make a huge difference in young people in today’s society.

The organization began at Bulkin’s high school and since then they have established nine other branches throughout San Diego. Since the beginning, the organization has been dedicated to creating bystander involvement in situations where there is some sort of bullying.

When asked about his experience with the organization, Bulkin spoke fondly of it and revealed it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of his life.

“We founded the 3V Movement because we want people to know that anyone can do something to stop bullying,” Bulkin said. “We want to make it socially unacceptable. This organization has opened my eyes on the impact bullying has on people and it feels good to know that I have can make a difference.”

Bulkin has been victorious so far with The 3V Movement. He has been recognized by the mayor of San Diego, and has had June 25 recognized as 3V Movement Day in San Diego. Apart from that, the organization has also received commendations from the California legislature.

As a college freshman, Bulkin has already made a difference in the community and created a movement within San Diego. With over 20 assemblies a year in elementary schools, the 3V Movement is quickly engraining in kids’ minds at a young age that it is not cool to bully.

The 3V Movement has been a big part of Bulkin’s life, and it only makes sense that he would want to bring it to college with him. As the first and oldest of the founders to go off to college, Bulkin is already making strides to establish 3V on campus. He is currently working with the Changemaker Hub to start the club, and with USD’s strong views on inclusiveness and their mission for people to become changemakers, there is no doubt this organization will strive on campus.

Juan Carlos Rivas, assistant director of the Changemaker Hub, gave further insight on Bulkin’s ideas and hopes for The 3V Movement on campus.

“I like that it is a local organization on campus, and it is very powerful that Alex, as a first-year student, wants to bring this type of organization with him and expand it onto a college campus,” Rivas said. “As for involvement, reaching out to the younger members will probably continue to be the organization’s main focus, but it’ll be interesting to see it on campus holding a different perspective than other anti-bullying organizations at USD.”

Although this would be the first 3V branch on a college campus, Bulkin has high expectations for it. He wants to make this branch more college oriented and is considering a broader approach. However, he is open to suggestions from the USD community and hopes for high student involvement.