Torero Spotlight: Charger Girl Tyler Myerly






Tyler Myerly is now one of San Diego’s Charger Girls.

Tyler Myerly is now one of San Diego’s Charger Girls.

On April 4, 2015, the Charger Girls auditions began, in search of 28 talented girls to become part of their 2015-2016 team. The Charger Girls are known as one of professional sport’s most talented and respected cheer and dance teams. Many cheerleaders and dancers dream of becoming Charger Girls and entering into the professional sports industry.

University of San Diego sophomore Tyler Myerly shared that dream.

Myerly has been a member of USD’s Spirit Team for the past year and will now be taking her talents to the Charger Girls. Myerly was one of hundreds of girls that auditioned for the team, but now she will fulfill her dream of being a Charger Girl.

With over 14 years of dance and cheer experience, Myerly has been dancing for the majority of her life, prepping her for the situation she is in today. Myerly says she has dreamed of being a Charger Girl since her freshman year in high school but never thought this dream would come true.

The process of the Charger Girls auditions is intense, nerve-racking, and an experience of a lifetime.

“Nothing can calm your anxiety when you’re in a room full of 350 beautiful and talented young women who all want the same thing you want,” Myerly said.

The tryout process consisted of a dance audition as well as an interview.

“Interviews were the most difficult part because dancing is what I know how to do, not talking under pressure,” Myerly said.

Although she knew what to expect as far as the tryout process, after the tryout process was over, Myerly felt a huge sense of relief and a rush of excitement.

When choosing between auditioning for the Charger Girls and continuing on with the USD Spirit Team, Myerly was faced with a tough decision. She has always been full of school spirit and has put her heart into every performance, but being a Charger Girl is an opportunity of a lifetime.

“I have always dreamed of doing Charger Girls and when the opportunity to try out came across me I took it,” Myerly said. “I loved my year here on Spirit Team because I’m a little too enthusiastic about school spirit, but I know that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I can’t wait to begin.”

Lucky for Myerly, she has had an amazing support system with her every step of the way.

“As soon as I found out, I texted my family and then immediately texted our Spirit Team group message,” Myerly said. “I was so lucky to have so many supportive people through this whole process.”

Myerly is extremely grateful for not only the opportunity and experience of auditioning for Charger Girls, but also her team and family members who have encouraged her. With so many years of experience, Myerly was still humbled by the tryout process. 

While the game schedule is not yet released, Myerly is extremely enthusiastic about what the season will hold for the Chargers and for herself as a Charger Girl.

“The excitement and the adrenaline on game days will probably end up being some of the greatest experiences of my life,” Myerly said. “I honestly cannot wait to run out of that inflatable helmet for the first time and hear thousands of fans screaming. It will be the experience of a lifetime.”

Keep your eye out for the USD’s new Charger Girl, Tyler Myerly, at Qualacom stadium this fall for the  upcoming football  season.