Toreros take over House of Blues at Cherub concert


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The night of Wednesday, Oct. 15 was quite eventful for those Toreros who attended the anticipated Cherub concert at the House of Blues. It was a sold-out show of over 600 people, all of whom waited in excitement for the two-man band to take their place on stage.

Cherub, who is most notably recognized for their hit song, “Doses & Mimosas,” performed their electro-funk sounds for the enthusiastic San Diego crowd. Lead singer Jordan Kelley was all smiles after the successful performance.

“The San Diego crowd was great, lots of energy and a great way to kick-off the West Coast run,” Kelley said. “I am just so excited to be here!”

Travis Williams, a junior at the University of San Diego, attended the live performance and noted it to be the best of three Cherub concerts he has been to so far.

“The previous times I have seen Cherub, Jason Huber played a lot more instruments,” Williams said. “This time, however, he played the live bass which definitely added a really enjoyable dynamic to the live show.”

Williams enjoyed the intimate interaction between the crowd and the performers at the smaller House of Blues venue.

“Everyone was jumping and going crazy when Cherub did a cover of ‘Feel so Close’ by Calvin Harris,” Williams said. “I love when artists do unexpected things like that at their shows. The crowd definitely responded!”

Williams has been a Cherub fan for the last couple of years and was definitely not disappointed by the phenomenal performance.

“The most memorable moment was when they played ‘Doses & Mimosas’,” Williams said. “It is their most recognizable song so the entire crowd was singing along.”

Many other USD students also attended the performance, including freshman Nicole Braman, who agreed that the concert was a memorable experience. She also enjoyed Cherub’s cover of Calvin Harris’ song.

“You could tell that everyone was excited to be there because of all the energy in the atmosphere,” Braman said. “Not only was the music awesome live, but the crowd was even more fun to be around!”

After Cherub performed “Doses & Mimosas,” what many believed to be their final song, people began chanting “encore” as the band members went behind the stage. The young Torero crowd, however, took over the venue and began to scream the famous “Olé!” chant said during school activities and games. The entire House of Blues was roaring with eager Toreros singing their signature song, hoping to get Cherub’s attention to perform one more.

Braman said this was definitely one of the highlights of the night.

“It was so cool how our small school represented a large section of the crowd and displayed our Torero pride” said Braman.

Cherub is currently on their “The Champagne Showers Tour” performing new songs from their recently released album, “Year of the Caprese.” The funky, disco vibes from this talented duo has definitely attracted the young adult crowd with their music that contains some ‘90s R&B influence with a touch of groovy beats from the ‘80s.

Overall, Cherub definitely left the San Diego crowd incredibly satisfied with an unforgettable performance, craving even more of the contagious, disco dance music than ever before.