Teagan McGinnis | Writer | USD Radio

Attempting to test the sounds of their upcoming album, both Adrian and Meagan of Lemolo asked the crowd to gage which instruments were too loud in order to provide insight on how the new music will eventually sound live. Though Adrian jokingly declared that we could not possibly complain about the drums, he completed the extraordinary, yet ironic feat of setting off a car alarm outside later that night. This was a true testament of the energy that consumed the Teros Gallery in North Park. The audience consisted of a small, intimate crowd that coincided perfectly with the theme of the “New Sounds and Spaces” tour in terms of discovering special locations to enjoy music. Throughout the evening, the energy persisted in a constant ebb and flow, like a wave.

The listeners floated through melodic melodies and ethereal instrumentals that warranted a few other audience members and myself to close our eyes and simply feel each sound. In the interview, Meagan described this evocation of emotions as the purpose of her craft. Her vocals are haunting with both beauty and honesty. Though most of the new songs remain untitled thus far, Meagan spoke to the audience about ever-changing possibilities that come with the multitude of feelings that accompany each piece. Lemolo ended the evening performing “Whale Song,” an older melody from their first full album The Kaleidoscope, that still remains to be a fan-favorite to this day. She asked us to sing the bridge, repeating the lyrics, “She sees the world the way she wants.” Most of the individuals who attended that night would agree that the band’s ability to interact with fans on a personal level before and after the show created an undeniable responsiveness within the music and more simply, for the love of music.


Tickets for their New Songs and Spaces tour range from $7-$18