Trying to get you to read this


You know what can be extremely frustrating? Working hard at something, only to have it be disregarded by others. In my case, it is being a writer and editor for The USD Vista school newspaper.

“Wait, what? We have a school newspaper?” Thanks for noticing because I spend about seven hours every Tuesday on fourth floor SLP using InDesign to create the wonderful Arts & Culture pages. But keep doing you, and use the pages to make origami airplanes. Because hey! at least you noticed the paper, right?

Newspapers are a significant source for you to receive news media on campus. Unfortunately for us print-lovers, which I must say are very few, social media networks have substantially impacted the ways in which we receive and share all kinds of information. Sadly, it creates a lack of attention toward the 20-something pages of pure awesomeness.

I am totally biased when it comes to print but there is definitely something about holding a tangible newspaper that contains stories about events, people, places, and passions. The whole point of the crossword puzzle on page six was for you to write all over it, scribble out the wrong answers, and sit there in agony because you could not figure out three across.

Why do people fail to read the school newspaper? I might have an idea as to why and that is, because the majority of people don’t really care.

Then again, I should stop being cynical and appreciate those readers who do contribute to the paper, let alone read an article or two. And maybe having an indifferent attitude about interests that do not particularly pertain to me is something I, along with many others, should work on. Which is insanely hard because if we have no interest in something, why the hell would we dedicate our precious moments of life to it?

Here’s a thought: spending time on something we do not normally dedicate our attention to might just open our perspective to new things we have otherwise not noticed or come to appreciate. We might discover an unknown detail that could possibly trigger some form of new interest or passion.

While I can complain how my work goes unnoticed, I should probably take the initiative of recognizing someone else’s work that also might be overlooked. Then I will at least show recognition to another, and therefore foster this culture of care.

Meanwhile, I am going to do my very best to make The USD Vista the most interesting pieces of paper to look at every Wednesday. So interesting that the stacks of newspapers in Serra Hall will be nonexistent.