USD fitness focus: Tara Nicole

Student finds passion in fitness training


Senior Tara Nicole Warren has such a passion for fitness that she has decided to make a career of it. The former USD basketball player has found her true calling in the last two years.

Once done with basketball, Warren found a passion for fitness that was influenced by some of the biggest names in the industry. From these influences, she became interested in fitness as a whole and wanted to make positive changes in her lifestyle. She began to learn about dieting and nutrition as well as incorporating different styles of exercise into her training.

“My whole life I have worked out in preparation for basketball, now I find joy in working out for myself and my own fitness goals,” Warren said.

In the last year, Warren has started her own website and is now using her knowledge of fitness and various methods of training to help others reach their goals. Her training styles include high intensity interval training, weight and resistance training, aesthetic bodybuilding, elements of Crossfit and interval sprint training. She also plans to get her certification in personal training so that she can become a fully accredited trainer.

Even now, Warren creates custom training programs and meal nutrition plans in order to help her clients reach their goals. She has learned most of what she knows from professionals in the fitness industry and by continually studying. To boost her clientele, she also holds free fit camps throughout the week that people of any fitness level are welcome to attend.

On top of her fitness training, Warren has also found a passion for sports modeling. She frequently models for companies around San Diego so that she can continue to gain experience and add to her portfolio. Warren’s plans for the future include continuing to do fitness modeling, signing a contract with a modeling agency, and opening her own gym in the San Diego area.

“I have truly found something that I am passionate about and I want to do it for the rest of my life,” Warren said.

Warren is eager to graduate so she can begin training and modeling full time, and wants to continue to influence others through her passion for fitness.