USD Professors: Blast from the past

Professors recall their favorite memories from college and high school

By Brooke Jelniker

What was your most embarrassing moment in high school?
High school… I actually graduated from high school? Could be that I got a pass on that.

What is your favorite memory from college?
The most useful comment from a professor to me when I was an undergrad: “Don’t be a chicken, David; you’ve only got so many brain cells, and they’re dying as we speak.”

What was your favorite TV show?
No one is going to believe this, but everyone who was anyone in the Class of 1979 grooved to PBS’s Nova specials. Science was really in then.

What is one thing you miss about high school/college?
Actually true, and most poignantly, I miss me from “back then.

Who was your favorite musical artist?
Musical artist in the late-1970s? Like, duh: Pink Floyd.

What did you want be when you grew up?
I actually wanted a career in journalism since I was eight years old. I call it the “Cronkite Effect.” We could use Uncle Walter these days, now couldn’t we?