USD reacts to mysterious light over San Diego


Photo courtesy of Shelly Haywood/Twitter

Photo courtesy of Shelly Haywood/Twitter

Many USD students may have been wondering what that streak of light in the sky was a couple of weeks ago. On the evening of Nov. 7, there was a large amount of speculation surrounding the light seen moving through the sky around sunset.

Many witnesses immediately wondered if it could be a UFO or some sort of celestial object. According to an article published in The Guardian, the lack of information surrounding the incident led to a rush of calls to law enforcement agencies and people posting on social media outlets.

Senior Danielle Cunningham heard about the happenings and found the event to be extremely interesting.

“I didn’t see it but I heard from friends that there was a blue light, streaking in the sky,” Cunningham said. “There was a discrepancy as to what it was and many thought it looked like a UFO. Then, the Navy said it was a missile launch but people still weren’t convinced.”

After a lot of questions from people in the California, Arizona, and Nevada regions, the Navy the student released a statement to a San Diego Union-Tribune reporter later that evening.

Senior Morgan McDowell, an engineering major, said she believes it was absolutely a missile.

“They’re testing for a non-volatile missile to see how accurate their aiming and target is,” McDowell said.

Despite the official reports on the event, many sites are still convinced that this could have been an actual UFO. Hollywood Life, wrote an article titled, “Los Angeles UFO: Was it Aliens? Truth Revealed,” talking of a government cover-up of an actual UFO sighting. The Hollywood Life website was one of many who reported on conspiracies regarding the incident.

The conversation about the controversy sparked discussions in classes during the following week.

Juliana Lyons, a senior international relations major, said that the topic was discussed during one of her class periods in Politics in the Middle East.

“We went over all of the speculation about it and how people immediately jumped to the conclusion of a UFO instead of our own missiles and government,” Lyons said. “It was very interesting to see how the public thinks about that kind of thing.”

The talk of the incident has seemingly died down, especially after more tragic global news has emerged. But, despite what students may personally believe, the flash of light seems to have been a unique sighting for all.