USD students building a legacy

By James-Brandon Christopher

Every year many Toreros embark on a new life journey after graduation. For many, this involves beginning a job and having plans of being promoted through the ranks as they continue with this specific organization. For a select few, however, working for someone else is an abominable concept.

This group of graduates, as well as some current students, have decided to take a more entrepreneurial route and start their own businesses. While this is a decision that many would say is risky, Toreros seem to come out on top with their business ventures. While there are many notable Torero entrepreneurs, the ones profiled in this article are James Brennan ‘96, Tony Mandarano ‘12, and Jayla Siciliano ’13 for the way they have changed their specific industry. These individuals have been chosen because they business can be found and tested in San Diego.

Have you ever had an amazing meal at Searsucker or danced the night away at Stingaree? If so, there is a Torero you can thank for that. James Brennan, owner of the aforementioned venues and many others, is changing the way that nightlife happens in San Diego. Recently, a MSN poll result showed that Stingaree was the 5th best nightclub in the nation.

“It all boils down to service, and taking care of our customers” said Brennan. This was in regards to the popularity of his venues. Every weekend, celebrities and those seeking fun in San Diego flock to all of the locations created by Brennan, because he has been able to create an atmosphere similar to clubs and restaurants in New York. Brennan believes that creating an environment that allows the person to feel like royalty, will always makes them come back. With all of the fun to be had at all of these places, the costs can definitely get high. This is where our next entrepreneur comes into play.

As college students, we like to save as much money as we can at our favorite places. Tony Mandarano created PaidPunch to solve this problem. Many people like to use Groupon to save money for certain deals, but these are one-time deals only.

PaidPunch allows you to save a set amount of money or a percentage of a purchase for a set amount of purchases. This serves both the business and you. You are able to save money each time you go to your favorite places, and the business benefits from your return business.

Revealing more about himself, Mandarano states “I like to make people smile and help them save money.” PaidPunch most definitely does both of these things.

If there is anything college students love more than saving money, it is definitely having a good time. For those above the age of 21, Jayla Siciliano has created a wine spritzer brand called Bon Affair is a hit everywhere that it has been served.

With a Sauvignon Blanc and a Pinot Noir that sell so quickly that one very seldom finds anything in stock, Siciliano is primed for great success in the adult beverage industry. Both products sold by Bon Affair are made from top quality ingredients and have added electrolytes all so you can feel “lighter on your feet, hydrated, and way better the next morning.”

In every way imaginable, Toreros are bringing increased meaning to being change makers. Be sure to follow the three of these Toreros, you will surely be amazed at what they can accomplish.