USD’s student-run literary journal

img_4634The Alcala Review is the University of San Diego’s student-run literary journal. The Alcala Review showcases creative student works in a biannual compilation. Established in 2014, the journal aims to become an outlet for USD’s innovative writers through the publishing of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction.

The journal resembles a magazine in many ways, and it collaborates with writers and artists throughout the university. The Alcala Review accepts a wide range of written submissions, as well as works from other mediums, such as paintings, drawings, and photography. Each journal also features a USD artist, which blends the two worlds of creative writing and the arts. The Alcala Review encourages students to explore their own creativity, and it also provides an opportunity for students’ work to be published and reach larger audiences.

A number of professors in the English department have encouraged their students to submit their own works for possible publication in The Alcala Review. Popularizing the student literary journal aims to encourage students to write more, improve upon their works, and inform more students about creative writing. Malachi Black, professor in the English department, oversees The Alcala Review’s production. He explained the publication’s creation and what its vision for the future looks like.

“There was an opportunity to galvanize the creative writing community and literary culture at USD by producing an object that would encourage the creation of a group of young men and women who are excited about building a space for literature,” Black said. “We really hoped that we could add a space for student-created dynamic literature at USD.”

Black explained that, while he serves as faculty advisor, he enjoys that The Alcala Review is completely student-run. The journal is designed by students, for students.

“I’m sort of like an air-traffic controller: the magazine itself is being piloted by the students who have their own editorial responsibilities,” Black said. “The writings and artworks featured in The Alcala Review are done by students, and our target audience is the same as our authorship, which is students at USD.”

The Alcala Review strives for creative collaboration among USD students, and any student is able to submit a piece. The journal is currently accepting submissions for the Fall 2016 issue, which will be released in December. The priority deadline for students to submit their work is Oct. 31, and the final deadline for submission is Nov. 11.

Before submission, The Alcala Review will be hosting its Writers Workshops so that students may receive feedback on how to improve their pieces before the final deadline. The workshops are conducted by students in a seminar-like fashion with additional help from professors who stand by at the meetings.

Senior Savannah Abrishamchian encouraged students to stop by the workshops. Abrishamchian said that they are welcoming and supportive events for any writer.

“The Writers Workshop is a great chance for USD writers to collaborate with The Alcala Review team,” Abrishamchian said. “It is an interactive and creative event for the USD community, and I highly recommend anyone who is interested in getting published for the next issue to join in.”

The next Writers Workshop will be on Saturday, Oct. 15 from 12 p.m.-2 p.m. in the third floor courtyard of the Student Life Pavilion.

Written by Walker Chuppe, Arts & Culture Editor