Vote for AS Elections this Thursday – A Message from Crystal Peterson

Hey everyone! This is Crystal here from Associated Students, YOUR student government at USD. I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter break and adjusting well being back at school. I know it’s hard after such a relaxing weekend.

But Associated Students is coming back from break full throttle with the 2010-2011 AS elections. This week is campaign week for our candidates running for AS President, Vice President, and  15 Senators.  You may have seen flyers on the ground around campus or getting a lot of invites into the candidate’s facebook groups. Lets show them our support and be sure to vote this Thursday, which is tomorrow, April 8th, starting at 9am. You can vote on MySanDiego under the “AS Elections” tab. Polls will be open until Friday, April 9th, at 5pm.

Just to remind you all that only 13% of the student body voted in the elections last year! That’s a few percent more than the previous year! This year, we’re aiming high because we want everyone to be involved! Associated Students wants to make sure EVERYONE’s voice is heard so make sure to vote tomorrow because your voice matters!

If by chance you missed running in the elections, there’s still chance that you can get involved! As you know, the student body has passed the new AS restructure proposal where Associated Students will be separate from the Torero Program Board, the event planning group that creates student programs here on campus. With this new structure, we need great individuals to represent the students and make it the best AS and Program Board ever! Applications for positions for both AS and Program Board will be available online on the Associated Students website this Friday, April 9th. Applications for AS positions will be due Wednesday, April 21st at 5pm. Applications for Program Board Chair, Tuesday, April 20th. Applications for a Program Board directorship position will be due Friday, April 23rd. Getting involved in AS and Program Board is a great opportunity to meet new people and really get to know the whole USD community. I encourage you all to apply and be a part of this amazing experience!

I know, this is a lot of information, but you can get all this and more on the Associated Students website: And please contact any of the current AS Exec members if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks everyone and remember to vote tomorrow!

This is Crystal, over and out!