Wait. It’s April?




kaitlin photo

Spring break has come and gone and now we are getting ready to make the final stretch toward finals and summer. We are  already halfway through April and it feels like it was January two weeks ago. Where did the semester go? Sure we still have six weeks but I swear fall semester did not go by this quickly.

For those of you who are not from San Diego, or California, and are moving back home for the summer, I highly suggest you start taking advantage of what San Diego has to offer. You are currently living in one of the most ideal places to live and most of us are cramped up inside. The beach, local Farmer’s Markets, shopping, and various international cuisine options are all at our fingertips.  It’s okay to venture out and explore.

Seniors have graduation around the corner, juniors and sophomores like myself have internships and jobs lined up for the summer, and freshman, congratulations. You have almost made it through your first year of college.

Since I’m in awe that it is already the middle of April and we only have six weeks left until summer, I started to think about everything I wanted to do before it was time to leave the perfect beach weather of San Diego and return home to Las Vegas to start an internship.

An OMG it’s April Bucket List was most definitely one of the better ideas I have had. While writing my bucket list, I realized how much we all take the beautiful city we go to school in for granted. How many times this semester have you gone to the beach? Now ask yourself how many times you could have gone to the beach and just simply didn’t. Get down to the beach and do your homework in the sand. You and your friends are hanging out inside on a sunny afternoon? Move the party to the beach and bring some speakers.

We need to start living it up with the Spring semester quickly coming to an end. Yes, we’re swamped with homework, study guides, and final papers, but that’s all the more reason to start taking advantage of what San Diego has to offer. Let’s be honest, USD’s location factored into your choice of choosing it as your home for four years.

Six weeks means six more weekends and six more Mondays. Don’t look back and regret not doing something. Take advantage of what you have in your backyard here at USD. You can literally see SeaWorld from the patio at Bert’s.

These last six weeks are a stretch with no break in between. So you may as well make the best of them; because before you know it, May will be here.