Washed Out has a Clean Future Ahead

Washed Out @ Sushi Arts

Less than a year ago, Earnest Greene was no more popular than you might be, enjoying summer at home with his parents in Macon, GA. After four years of creating music on his computer as a hobby, Greene was able shift gears last summer and focus on new material. He labeled this new production Washed Out and his music began to flow around the internet. With very little marketing force, many accepted the music, and as fall approached, Washed Out’s feel good songs allowed everyone to hold on to every last bit of summer.

The solid mix sampled dance-based hooks, and compressed, slow-delivery vocals allow for a unique and aquatic feeling within the music. It seems that Washed Out is quickly leading the pack of the “chillwave” genre as it becomes more mainstream. This new genre is one that seems to be gaining steam and was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal.

Greene seems to be approaching music from something new altogether. Its my impression that he never intended to focus on music as a commercial endeavor. Even in conversation it seems that this musical hobby was just something that was fun for him. As bloggers came across his music on MySpace, they spread it nationwide and demand was soon presented for Greene to develop a proper release. It really does seem like the music alone has warranted the success and popularity that Washed Out has seen today. Greene feels that this popularity might come from the fact that the songs are simple, yet portray a happy-go-lucky summertime vibe.

The increase in popularity earned Washed Out a coveted spot at the recent SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. As a newly desired artist, Greene found himself playing eight shows in less than a week. The experience also held other new “firsts” for Greene. He found himself playing corporate- sponsored events in front of his biggest audiences yet while being filmed by big-time production equipment.
In turn with his Southern charm, Greene seems humbled by the experience and almost unsure of what to expect next. Although he hasn’t even released a proper full-length album, his popularity grows. As Greene continues to work on music for an upcoming release, he’ll take some time off to tour with Beach House and then head over to Europe to tour with Small Black.

Deservedly, the future looks bright for Washed Out and the new music Greene produces will undoubtedly be a success. Until then, as the weather in San Diego becomes warmer and summer begins to tease, put on some Washed Out and enjoy the good life.

Hold Out by Washed Out:

Hold Out