“We don’t plan to fail, we just fail to plan”


As my good friend Mike once told me, “We never plan to fail, we just fail to plan.” I am quite notorious for failing to plan too often.

I’m one of those last-minute procrastinators who always thinks, “wow I really should have started this earlier.” Although I have been slightly better at trying to plan ahead compared to when I first began college, my inability to find motivation to start things early has stayed completely stagnant.

My failing to plan accordingly also prohibits me from being able to plan fun, adventurous activities to do on the weekends. Even when I choose to avoid my academic responsibilities and do an activity with my friends, I find myself not fully enjoying those fun events because my mind is constantly reminding me all of the things I still have to do.

And although I struggle to organize my life in order to make it less stressful, there is still one more thing I fail to plan, which is setting time aside to experience genuine interactions and bettering my relationships with those I am not already close with.

I have met so many intriguing people these past two years and always hope there is a chance that I will be able to interact with them again. While I have the intention to hangout with people in order to get to know them better or see how they are doing in life, I often fail to plan a time and place to meet up.

I have noticed how comfortable I have become with my circle of friends. I do not always make the extra effort to spend time with those outside of my realm of confidantes.

If you only have the same interactions with the same perspectives, how are you really supposed to grow and think beyond your current social realm?

So now that we only have two more weeks of school left, I’ll try my very hardest to not fail to plan in all aspects of life. And if you concur with everything I have just said then you might feel challenged to also plan ahead. Plan ahead for those study guides, group project gatherings, office hour meetings, and final papers.

But don’t forget to plan to meet up with those you promised you would hang out with. Because as the semester comes to a close, you don’t want to regret failing to plan to enjoy these last few days.