What it’s Like to be Daisy-fied by Kaitlin Perry

This past Friday and Saturday, L.A.’s Memorial Coliseum and Exposition Park were crowded with kandy kids and regular kids alike. The former 1-day carnival became 2 days, increasing the amount of life-changing moments that one could experience, as well as the amount of kids that would probably overdo it. My personal experience on Friday night, however, was a perfect blend of bouncing, swaying and smiling, all while surrounded by incredible lights and booming bass, not to mention some pretty cool people (and some creepy ones too).

Here were my most memorable moments on Friday night, starting with the L.A. traffic:

  • A drive that usually takes about an hour to an hour and a half took four full hours.
  • Our car was shaking from the bass as we sat on the Martin Luther King Jr. exit. We then paid $40 for parking.
  • A cop directed me and my friend in the opposite direction we needed to go to get to the press entrance, thus we had to walk in a complete circle around the venue.
  • The press entrance was the same as the artist entrance, so we entered behind the main stage. It was incredible.
  • We accidentally went up the stairs of the stadium to the spot where all of the artists’ trailers were located, that was pretty cool too.
  • We spent $5 on a bottle of water.
  • My friend dropped her pack of cigarettes, realized it, went back to find them and they were still there! A good sign that we were surrounded by good people that were either oblivious to a full pack of cigs chillin on the ground or respectful of others’ belongings.
  • We were able to find our other friend with no difficulties whatsoever because cell phones actually worked this year.
  • I ran into the two USD kids I had hoped to run into. What are the odds of that in a venue full of tens of thousands of people?
  • I saw a flamingo on stilts.
  • I found a new DJ duo to like: Lawgiverz.
  • THIEVERY CORPORATION KILLED IT. It was nice to hear something other than the typical electro beat. Bravo.
  • ATB did a pretty sick remix of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” that had the crowd singing along and made me pretty happy. I learned something: I prefer to dance to beats that incorporate lyrics.
  • We walked over to see Pretty Lights, but missed them, so we sat on the amazingly soft grass and listened to the tracks playing during the setup for STS9. Two of my current favorite songs played: “Wachadoin?” by N.A.S.A. feat. M.I.A. and “Little Bit” by Lykke Li. Those were some goooood remixes. And I’m not gonna lie, I liked the remix of B. Spears’ “Circus.” I took a quiz once and apparently that song is the Britney song that represents my life, so I felt some kind of connection.
  • A girl gave me some 3D glasses that multiplied the lights times one billion. Words can’t describe what I saw.
  • Major Low Point: A creepy drunk/high guy snuck up on me while I was lying on the grass and rubbed his hand across my boob. That was kind of weird.
  • STS9 KILLED IT. New favorite band for the summer probably. They were an amazing way to end the night. There’s something about live sets that really moves me.
  • I had a really bad headache so I went to the first aid tent to see if they could give me some Tylenol or something, they said they weren’t allowed to. So I asked if they had any tips and they said to take another E pill. That was also kind of weird.
  • Thanks to freeway construction and major street traffic surrounding the venue it took us three hours to get home. L.A. traffic is absolutely out of control. But it was alllll worth it.

Unfortunately I’m broke and couldn’t afford to make the trip to L.A. for Saturday even though I had a free pass, but I will without a doubt be attending next year. I’ve already started planning my outfit.

All photos courtesy of Ryan Brennan.