Who run the world? Girls

Tuesday, March 8 marked International Women’s Day. I was thrilled that it not only landed on my mom’s birthday, but also on several of my female friends, relatives, and mentors days of birth.

I think many can agree that there has been a rise in discussion across the globe regarding gender equality and female empowerment. Not only are women voicing their opinions louder than ever before, men from around the world are advocating for and positively speaking up for women’s rights.

For what seems like the first time, a new movement for gender equality has surfaced and is continuing to gain momentum.

There is the potential for a female as the United States president, several women in the running for the United Nations Secretary General, and according to the New Yorker, single women are currently the most potent political force to date. Pretty cool, huh?

Although there are inherent strides in a the fight for gender equality, among many other issues that need additional attention, a handful of hopeful outcomes for female political leaders will not result in immediate gratification or an end to problems associated with equality.

I honestly believe that the current generation and the ones to follow have the power to effect change. It’s crucial to maintain this motivation by continuing to voice opinions, and making strong, action-based steps to do so.

Being educated and well-informed on topics relating to female empowerment, racial equality, the political agenda, poverty, and other problems continuing to pose a threat to the world is necessary.


In order to engage in meaningful discourse regarding these issues, I encourage students to talk to parents, teachers, peers, and follow news outlets. These are all beneficial and easy ways to keep in touch with the world around you.


I’ve gained confidence in myself as an individual over the years knowing that it is cool to be nerdy. I enjoy engaging in intellectual conversations whether they are with my parents, elders, teachers, or strangers, and I’m sure many USD students feel the same.