Meet our Exec

MicheleStation Director: Michele DeMaio

Michele is a Senior Communication and Political Science double major. He is an avid reader of graphic novels and collector of vinyl records. He has always been passionate about music and brings his passion to his job in promoting the station.







Editor in Chief: John Barnum

Professional music listener working since I couldn’t fall asleep in the backseat of my parents’ car. Always struggled to answer the question, “what kind of music do you listen to?”  the answer, “everything” being indistinguishable from “nothing” but simply saying “good music” sounds like fascism. So I say I just listen as long as I can to see what happens: genres melt into a river of rhythms overflowing time and space at a pace that accelerates too fast to cast a glance at the whole happenstance. Music is magic and as an alchemist, I have taken this organization as my asylum of sound since my seedling year; I’ve seen it sink and sail and I want to make it soar. I want to construct a greater space for listeners to speak and explore what we hear. I fear to fail our faithful followers but hope to foster a magnificent new monster to mall the musical realm.



Set Lu

Community Director and Executive Producer: Zeyin Lu

Set has a dynamic personality. As a Marketing major, he loves engaging with people, and he is passionate about USD Radio because it brings people together, forming a community. #WineandChill #Bae






dsc_1394Communication Director:

Jae Pearl

Jae is a senior Visual Arts major. Her passion for visual/auditory media and technology has spurred interest in computer technology, music, sculpture and fine art. In her free time, she enjoys art-making, tending to her succulent nursery, yoga, & spontaneous activities to step out of her comfort zone. Her commitment to Radio is a reflection of her enthusiasm to create a more unified campus community where people can feel free to be themselves and find other like-minded individuals.



KatelynMusic Director: Katelyn Johnson

Katelyn is a Junior French and History major. As a music nerd, she has a passion for alternative culture and obscure music. She loves radio because it brings people together to talk about music culture.







dsc_1393News Editor: Bix Hirigoyen

Bix is a sophomore from Mill Valley California. He is a Communication Studies major who is looking to one day work in the field of sports media. He even co-hosts his own sports talk show on USD Radio, Bix and K. Bix’s passion for all things media drove him to accept the position of News Director this summer. He hopes to help USD Radio continue to thrive and become an integral part of our campus life.