Meet the Execs of USD Radio

Station Director

Set Lu

Set is a junior double majoring in Marketing and Theology. Set has been in USD Radio since his first year, and he has experience being both a show host and an Executive member. He believes in the power of music and sound. His vision is to create a professional and sustainable platform for student in USD to express their voice on campus.


Bria Higginbotham

Bria is a junior majoring in Communication Studies with an emphasis on Media. She has been a writer for USD Radio since her first year, often covering concert reviews. She loves introducing people to new artists they will love and attending live music shows as often as she can. Her career goal is to be a music journalist for a major music magazine or website and believes this position will be useful in achieving that objective.  

Communication Director










Jae Pearl

Jae is a senior majoring in Visual Arts. Her passion for visual/auditory media and technology has spurred interest in computer technology, music, sculpture and new media within fine art. In her free time, she enjoys design and fabrication, graphic design, tending to her succulent nursery, yoga, & spontaneous activities to step out of her comfort zone. With professional background in digital marketing, she recently acquired a new position as a Digital Marketing Manager for a local marketing & web development agency. Her commitment to USD Radio is a reflection of her enthusiasm to create a more unified campus community where people can feel free to be themselves and find other like-minded individuals.


Social Media Coordinator

Ami Lees

Ami is a sophomore majoring in Marketing and minoring in Visual arts with an emphasis in photography and film. She has an eye for color and can always be found with a camera in her hand. She has also been apart of USD Radio for a semester but loved having her own show and now running the social media account. In the future, she wants to bring her talents in film to the business world, to advertise big companies. Ami can be found at the beach or in the water, but is never too far away from her music. She looks forward to watching USD Radio grow and gaining a strong presence on campus.