Why we all chose to attend USD

USD Rankings

By Ileane Polis


Nearly all students that attend USD, can agree that it is the school for them: that’s why they chose USD in the first place.

Yet not all students know of the many benefits this place has to offer.

Let’s start with education. Among students, the best part about the education here seems to be the small class sizes and structure of the classrooms.

“I feel as if the smaller classes make learning a more personal endeavor,” junior Jennifer Latta said. “Learning becomes easier when I can develop closer relationships with my teachers.”

Many of us here are not used to associating the word “class”  with a large auditorium filled with 100 or so students: a common description present in many college brochures.

Most likely, “class” means a helpful environment in which students have the time and opportunity, due to the class sizes, to ask for help or contribute to the lesson.

“The staff is incredibly knowledgeable,” senior Jane McFarland said. “I feel unafraid to go up to my professors and ask them questions; they always try their best to help me.”

Another thing to note would be the excellent scholarship opportunities made available, so that many students can experience a great education.

“I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the great scholarship I received. I feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to be a part of this community.” freshman Will Tate said.

Of course, college wouldn’t be a full experience without a social life. Here at USD, students agree that a social life is easy to attain.

“I like how the small size of the school in general allows for me to meet up with friends easily on campus,” Latta said.

The most common meeting places consisted of fellow students’ dorms, which suggests that dorm life on campus comes with a warm and welcoming environment.

For those who wish to go off-campus, there are alternative solutions.

“Go discover San Diego. The school is in a great location to many attractions, and there are plenty of places to see and recreational activities to partake in around the city.” sophomore Henley Doherty said.

Henley and other USD students also like how our campus ties education into this beautiful city by offering local internship opportunities.

“I think people often overlook the help that career services can give.” senior Siena Pugnale said. “They’ve helped me find a lot of good opportunities in the area; I plan on going back a lot this year for help with life after graduation.”

Some miscellaneous responses to USD and its benefits include the great food options, including an organic market, Tu Mercado, and a gourmet restaurant, La Gran Terraza.

There are also many clubs and organizations including sororities, fraternities, cultural clubs, intramural sports, ministry opportunities; and opportunities outside of campus such as internships and study abroad programs.

If you’re feeling bored of walking around campus or San Diego, try looking around.

If you’re an avid reader, try venturing to local libraries or book stores.

When your weekly club emails arrive, don’t immediately click delete but choose to attend the meetings and get involved.

Stop dwelling on the complaints of your peers and show your school spirit at sporting events.

Have you taken the tram to Old Town? There are many good restaurant choices and events to participate in all around San Diego.

If you’re really running out of options, have you looked at the beauty that surrounds you? Try and count how many palm trees this campus is home to.

If you’ve grabbed ahold of all these opportunities, then good for you. You have something to look forward to next time you open your door or set foot on campus.