I left handwritten notes taped to plane windows. One read, “You are so loved and worthy,” and the other said, “The best is yet to come.”

I said a little prayer for the person who would sit next in 22B and 14A, my seats during my flights. I prayed that the words on the window would breathe life into its next occupant. I prayed that the person might feel as loved, worthy, and beautiful as he or she inherently is. I prayed that the person might experience grace amidst so much stress and chaos of traveling through the airport.

If there’s one place where we desperately need a little extra love, it’s when we’re stuck in the same small seat for a five hour flight. Traveling isn’t a simple task. From long lines at security to crying babies wanting sleep, flying is a survival of the fittest.

On another flight, on another day, on scrap paper, taped to a plane window with blue masking tape, are the words “Be kind to one another.” These words are all a part of Taylor Tippett’s #wordsfromthewindowseat movement.

Tippett is an American Airlines flight attendant sharing thoughtful words of affirmation to passengers. Many are following in her footsteps, posting a picture and sharing the hashtag. Jeff Bethke, speaker and spoken word artist, shared the hashtag, posting a picture with the words “There is grace for you.” Bethke inspired me to share grace, to join in this movement.

#wordsfromthewindowseat started with a quote from Tippett’s favorite book, How to Be an Explorer of the World, by Keri Smith. She taped a note to a plane window saying, “You’re already invited.” As Tippett has said about her life, if we aren’t inspiring and lifting up others, we’re wasting our lives.

We might all imagine sitting down in the window seat and sliding the shade open to words of hope and encouragement. In that moment of overwhelming chaos and being cramped in a confined space, we can breathe new life for our adventure or vacation. When we open the window to an unexpected handwritten note, a flood of love washes over those who need it most.

At the end of the day, we are all human. Beings that desire love and attention or someone to tell them they’re doing it right and that they are good, not just enough. Humans living in the messy middle of life, from worthy and loved to insecure and not good enough.

If we can be the reason that someone smiles and feels worthy with a few words of inspiration, we must share these words more.