Interview: The Local Natives

The Local Natives

For the past few weeks, my housemates, friends and I have been gleefully bobbing to the beautiful harmonies, eclectic rhythms and all-around addicting melodies of the Silverlake/Los Angeles group, The Local Natives. Whether it’s fair or not, the Natives have been capturing consciousnesses who have immediately likened their sound to that of such greats as Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses and Arcade Fire. So when I got word that I’d be interviewing the group, I let out more than a few fist pumps and yelps in our living room.

Vocalist and guitarist Taylor Rice phoned in from England the morning after a show in London. We got to discuss the Natives’ formative beginnings in their Orange County “Gorilla Manor,” their unique, collaborative approach to songwriting and their recent rise to fame. The gang will be finishing up their European tour before hitting the American circuit, which includes dates at SXSW, Coachella, Sasquatch and Bonaroo.

The Gang from the Closet highly recommends picking up their debut LP, Gorilla Manor.
Local Natives - Gorilla Manor

Full Interview:

“Sun Hands”