Your spring break, our everyday


kaitlin photo    Spring break is in the air for what seems to be every other school except for USD. I have to admit I am extremely jealous of all my friends that are lying on a beach somewhere in the world, enjoying their spring break.
After sulking about midterms and the long stretch of the week before our Spring/Easter break, I decided to take a few minutes and drive down to the beach and watch the sunset. Cliche, I know. But as I was sitting on the beach watching all the drunken snapchats my friends were posting, I had an epiphany. Their spring break is my everyday.
For most of us here at USD, we live within a five mile radius of a beach, the weather is almost always perfect beach weather, and when someone asks us what our Friday night plans are we more often than not say “Oh I’ll probably just head down to the beach.” Like it’s a casual thing.
All of the students that do not attend a university in a beach city miss out on our everyday luxury. They are forced to travel and put up some cash to get to their beach destination, when it is literally in our backyard. While my sister — who unfortunately chose a snow-tundra school to attend —  was visiting, she was in shock that we can see the beach from campus, hang out at the beach, and spend our nights at beach houses.
If we want to spend a day with our toes in the sand, we can. Sure, our busy schedules can interfere with our beach time, but the option is always there, no matter what time of year. The bookstore and Tu Mercado sell beach supplies, come on people. Us San Diego students are actually living the dream.
San Diego has been crowded the past few weeks   with visiting college students, mesmerized by the beach and beautiful weather that they get to enjoy for their week-long spring break. Then they unfortunately have to leave our perfect little beach city and back to their own universities.
So instead of sulking and questioning why we have one week off for Easter, realize that you are living a type of spring break every day. When you are stalking social media to pass time walking to class and come across your hometown friends soaking up the sun at the beach, remind yourself that their spring break is our every day. People travel miles to spend a few days in what we get to experience whenever we want.
So when you are stuck in class and know your hometown friends are down at Mission beach celebrating their spring break, just remember that their spring break is our everyday.