Your World in Obscure: Special Edition

October 14th, Week 3:

This week the Illustrious Sancho Panza found himself alone on the fourth floor of the SLP, and of course you know what that means: SPECIAL EDITION! That’s right, not only did we figure out how to appropriately adjust the mic level, but this week’s edition of the show features a play list from Sancho with bits and  peices of obscure news stories interjected here and there. Listen to hear about:

Obama slamdunking after his Nobel Peace Prize
News from North Korea and Afghanistan
The demise of the greenback
Vegetarian spiders
A deadly sweatlodge
Six-year-olds who will spork you to death
Facebook as the new Sherlock Holmes
… to name a few

Also, if you tune in, you’ll hear some foot tappin’ tunes like:

Strange Times – The Black Keys
M1 A1 – The Gorrillaz
Angel – Flipsyde
Ruby – The Kaiser Chiefs
Loud Pipes – Ratatat
Within You Without You – The Beatles
For You – Matisyahu
The Rake’s Song – The Decembrists
Someday Is Everyday – Pretty Lights

Get your news and your groove on!