Concert Recap: My American Heart #HidingInside10

Julie Ye | My American Heart | Soma | October 21, 2017

One word comes to mind when describing the My American Heart show last weekend: electric.

It was a night of sentiment and nostalgia for long-time followers and a magical experience for those seeing them for the first time. Stopping at their hometown for the last installment of their tour, fans and talented artists gathered at Soma to witness a long-awaited reunion performance.


Since their disbandment in 2009, the San Diego-based rock band has reunited eight years later to celebrate the ten year anniversary of their last album, Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather. The concert was catered to a more mature demographic, particularly those who had grown up listening to the group. Many attended the show in hopes to see the band again or to fulfill a teenage dream of seeing them perform live for the first time.


Warming up the crowd, Tim Atlas, former contestant of The Voice, performed five original songs that were stylistically similar to The 1975 and serenaded the audience with his calming and romantic voice. Ryan Scott Graham, bassist of the band State Champs, made an appearance shortly after to present his solo project titled Speak Low If You Speak Love. To keep the audience engaged, Graham cracked a joke saying, “My American Heart wanted someone to kill the mood before they came on,” as a dig at the acoustic genre of his music. Graham shyly admits that the title for his project was inspired by My American Heart and states, “I’m the nerd that named my band after your band, but thanks for being my friend–it’s corny,” to express his gratitude for the group who allowed him to be apart of the tour.



While waiting for My American Heart to make an appearance, fans collectively sang along to Fall Out Boy’s “Sugar, We’re Goin Down” and Panic! At the Disco’s “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” that bellowed through the speakers, setting the tone for how the rest of the night would play out. The crowd inched closer towards the stage and roared with excitement when the room darkened.


Starting the night off with “Boys! Grabs Your Guns,” the crowd reacted wildly to the booming drum, vibrant guitar riffs, and invigorating vocals of the blazing anthem. Keeping the vivacious spirit alive, the group performed fan favorites such as “Speak Low If You Speak Love,” “Moving On,” and their single, “The Shake.” In front of a sea of fistpumpers and headbangers, My American Heart reciprocated the high energy of the audience that engulfed the room. The band also demonstrated their versatile nature through their power ballads, “Tired and Uninspired” and “Dangerous.”

Halfway through the set, a silhouette of a man appeared on stage during “Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather.” Fans immediately recognized who he was and was thrilled to see Matty Mullins, vocalist of Memphis May Fire, who joined My American Heart’s lead singer, Larry Soliman, to heighten the show.


The band closed their set with the tender acoustic track, “All My Friends.” Soliman’s infectious voice and Jesse Barrera’s light strums of the guitar serenaded the room, creating an atmosphere that encouraged the audience to sing along in unison. Tim Atlas was welcomed back on stage to join their last performance–or so the crowd thought.

After a bittersweet goodbye, fans demanded an encore. Repetitive chants asking for “one more song” permeated the venue and the band quickly returned back onstage. Soliman ordered the crowd to open a pit to keep energy levels high for their last three songs of the night and courageous fans enthusiastically moshed along.  As a treat for long-time supporters, Jeremy Mendez, the original guitarist, was called on stage to finish the night with their final song “The Process.” The night will forever be engrained in the minds of those who attended the rare performance.


The band’s temporary reunion was an emotional and memorable experience for followers who listened to the group during their youth. After years of inactivity, My American Heart was touched by the overwhelming support from their fanbase; from those who flew in for their tour to notable artists who attended and supported them. As concert attendees experience the symptoms of post-concert depression from this past weekend, many are eagerly waiting for the day My American Heart reunites permanently.



Tickets for #HidingInside10 tour range from $15 – $20